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How we think about change

In the context of a relationship of safety
I notice that I might benefit from change.
I am supported in taking the risk to try something different
from what I usually do.
Having a positive experience of that new way of doing or being,
this becomes my new way in the world.


TransformAction International Consulting & Training is the company of Thom Garfat (Canada), Leon Fulcher (New Zealand) and John Digney (Ireland).

Together we have over a hundred years of experience in working with young people, their families and those who care in a wide variety of different settings and countries.

We have tried to make this site as straight-forward and practical as possible. We hope you find the information of interest and of use to you. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email us.

Thom Garfat   Thom Garfat, MA, PhD is an international consultant and trainer who, for over forty years, has worked with children, young people, care givers and those who help them.
His primary focus is on ‘making it work’; finding practical day to day ways to enhance the process of development and healing.
Thom lives with Sylviane in Quebec, Canada.

Download Thom's CV here Podcast: Thom Garfat interviewed by Wolfgang Vachon.
Leon Fulcher   Leon Fulcher, MSW, PhD has worked for more than forty years as a social worker in residential child and youth care work and foster care in several parts of the world.
Leon has specialised in working across cultures and geographies, team working and caring for caregivers, as well as supervision and promoting learning with adult carers.

Download Leon's CV here. Interviews with Dr Laura Steckley on Bi-Cultural Working and Outcomes That Matter: Part 1   /  Part 2
John Digney   John Digney, PhD has been a front-line staff manager and clinician in Residential Child and Youth Care for twenty years.
Currently he is Deputy Director in High Support Services in Ireland. John also provides consultancy and training to those working with youth and families.
His doctoral thesis examined ‘the role of humour in child and youth care’ as a legitimate therapeutic approach available to staff.

Download John's CV here.
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